The Centre d’Art La Rectoria (Fundació La Rectoria de Vilamajor Fundació Privada), is a private non-profit organization that has as purpose the study and research in the field of art, especially but not exclusively plastic arts, to improve communication between different sensitivities, cultures and geographical origins, promote diffusion and extension of art using the appropriate means in each case, as well as disseminating and teaching the natural and human reality of the area of the Montseny through activities that facilitate a global view of this territory.

It is a platform for the expression, development and thought of contemporary art. It aims to activate the environment with the collaboration of artists residing in the Centre. A task that implicates local scope, national exchange and international dynamics.

It is located in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Vallès Oriental, province of Barcelona - since its creation in 1987- in a farmhouse dating from 1639, which preserves centúries old spaces inside it from the XII and XIII-XIV century. Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered the foundation of a wall of Roman origin. It is a residence and workshop for artists (visual arts, stage arts, music), writers and researchers, promoted by the Centre d’Art La Rectoria.

It consist of:

  • Six Rooms of Individual Use
  • Two complete bathrooms.
  • Kitchen with office.
  • Reading room (noble room)
  • Workshops.

Use of the areas

At the Centre d’Art La Rectoria you will find workshops, freedom in how you organize your day, a good environment for creativity and the possibility to attend complementary activities that, if necessary, the Centre organizes. You can use the common spaces after consulting their availability. Is it expressly forbidden to redistribute the furniture in the rooms and common spaces without prior consultation with the Center’s administration.

For work, only the centre’s workshops can be used. The rooms, the kitchen and the noble room are not workshops. The noble room may be used as a reading room or for working with a computer.

The ground floor of Centre d’Art is dedicated exclusively to daily activities, and artists cannot use it as a residence area except for the space used for the washing machine. The ground floor is open to the public, so one must take special care in its maintenance.

The whole Centre is connected to Wi-Fi.

Economic aspects

The scholarship provides the accommodation and the use of the workshops and common spaces. It doesn't contemplate the materials needed for the artworks. Maintenance (reposition of cleaning materials, cleaning in general - washing, cleaning habitations and workspaces-) is the task of the interns. When arriving you will find the basic cleaning material, the reposition of these is duty of the interns. If you want to invite someone to spend the night in the Centre during the stay of the scholarship, consult first its possibility with the administration of the Centre and pay the cost for in accordance with the current price (20.00€/night)

Internal regulations

The artist must assume the cost of repairing the damage caused by misuse or neglect at the Centre d'Art La Rectoria and will therefore pay the total cost of the repair, if needed.

As said, the artist must assume the cleaning up of the private areas, the noble room and workshops: every person is responsible keeping the order and cleaning up of their room and work space. Special care is required for the maintenance of the common areas (bathrooms, kitchen, leisure areas and work spaces) to facilitate the líving together with the other artists. No one is to produce noise at night to respect the night’s rest of the other residents.

The kitchen must be cleaned and dressed up after each meal. The garbage must be deposited daily in the external recycling containers. The bathrooms must always be in good condition.

In order to respect the environment and save resources, we must avoid leaving the lights on unnecessarily; the windows should be kept closed when the heating is on, and one should not use more water than is strictly necessary.

The centre’s facilities must be kept closed outside of the office hours. Loss of the key, unreproducible by the usual means, carries a penalty of 75€.

The Centre d'Art La Rectoria is not responsible for any loss or theft of the residents' personal belongings.

For any other unspecified questions, address the Centre’s direction.

How to access a scholarship.

Length and period

  • Duration: between one and a half and three months
  • Periods: Spring or Autumn.

Conditions for the request

  • Request a scholarship by presenting: your CV, a project proposal to be performed during the stay and a significant example of work done so far, all in electronic format.
  • Indicate the period in which the scholarship is to be fulfilled (spring or autumn; one and a half month or three).
  • The application will be considered by our specific committee, which will decide on its asignment acording to:
    • The project’s interest for the Centre’s objectives.
    • The possibility of its realization (available space; time needed for realization, ...)
  • The explicit and signed acceptance by the grantee of the previous regulation.
  • A deposit of 150 € (in case of a month and a half stay) or 300 € (in case of a three months stay), not recoverable, in concept of the management and administration costs, to be payed once formalised the acceptance of the residency.
  • The requests are to be send to: artrectoria·  
  • Project deadline: January 31st, 2024